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Thanx for stopping by my blog. I'm Michelle Arvizu and I LOVE capturing life's moments by using God's beautiful natural light. I am currently serving the greater OKC area and working on location only. I love to capture you how you are. Getting to know you, better enables me to do this. I am all about making you comfortable so your best comes out. So relax and let me work my magic. I look forward to working with you. For more info or to set an appointment please check out my main site
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Jenna '10

Who is Jenna? Well here are a few things about her.
She loves riding her bike, playing the piano, composing songs, clothes and can't live without music.
In the future Jenna plans to major in fashion design and minor in business then one day open a clothing boutique.
Eventually she would like to get married and be a mom.
Love you Jenn, can't believe my lil sis is graduating! Many blessings for your future!

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Neil @ 6 Months

Wow, I just can't get over how much a baby changes in two months. This lil guy is a joy to be around.
He loves being outside and has a big smile on his face, most of the time. :)
I love working with you guys, can't wait for the next shoot!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Katie Turns 10!

What a sweet girl. Katie loves to write stories and compose songs! She has a great imagination.
Her love for horses is as great as her love of dreaming! Best wishes to her in this new year!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zach & Jessica are Engaged!

What a fun couple!! Even though it was like 45 degrees out, we had a blast.